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Helpful title ideas for Portraits & Human Photography


5 am, thinking of you
a certain romance
a chill in the air
a day to be remembered
a door to the unknown
a fresh start
a kiss to build a dream on
a little bit of heaven
a mirror's story
a moment suspended in time
a new beginning
a peaceful world
a smile like yours
a thousand shades of passion
a thousand years from now
a whole other story
after my dreams come true
after the rain
ain't this a fairytale?
all for love
all time adored
always in my heart
and I think you should know this
and so a star was born
and so the story began
angel's eye
angry youth
any sign of trouble?
anywhere you go
as if…
as we dance with the devil
asleep or dead?
at the end of the day
autumn glory
autumn's aura
autumn's scent
awake and unafraid
back to the future
beautiful mess
beauty in bloom
before her eyes stun me
before I leave
before you lie
behind the glass
best buds
bitter days of autumn
blinded no more
born inside of a raindrop
born to be wild
breaking silence
breathe in
broken inside
burn my lonely nights
but I remember…
chasing sorrow
clear my mind
close to my heart
come and play
come find me
comfortable silence
crushed dreams
dance with me
dare to dream
dark ritual
darkness approaches
darkness within my soul
delicious moment
do all wishes come true?
dreaming days away
dreams always come true
dressing up is so much fun
drowning in the ashes
early August
eights nights of light
embrace the light
emotional overdose
end of silence
escape from the cold
everything turns gray
eve's sweet garden of roses
falling apart
fantastic voyage
find me, if you can
finding bliss
fly away
follow me now
for you only
forever and always
forgotten melody
friends for life
friendship warmed his heart
from my sweetest dreams
frozen in time
fun in the sun
getting away from the city
girls like cars and money
giving the best
goddess of magic
god's eye
going green
going home
graduation day
growing up was never easy
hatred among us
he has been rejected
he stole my heart
he took my love then ran away
heaven's gates opened
her golden secret
her hollow side
her lips remind me of wild rose
her perfume drunks me
her spirit is wild
her sweet perfume
here I am again
here with me
he's hiding in the dark
he's losing his faith
holding you closely
hopelessly devoted
how could this happen to you
how could you possibly know
I can't break these chains that I hold
I don't know where she's leaving
I have nowhere to run
I hear whispers
I like you the way you are
I made my mistakes
I met her again
I need you now
I need your love
I think about you all the time
I wanted to see if you felt the same for me
I woke up in a jungle
I wouldn't dare
If you don't wanna cry like I do
ignite my sorrows
I'll wait for you
I'm fading away
i'm here for you
I'm here without you
I'm not frozen yet
imaginary bullet
imagine all the people
in silence
infinity's edge
it comes from the heart
it shouldn't be a secret
it takes effort
it's a fairytale
it's easier to take the path most have traveled on
it's okay to be scared
it's sad but true
just another other day
just us
kissing the cold
ladies night out
let's not think about tomorrow
lies of the beautiful people
life is a concert and I am the lead singer
life's neverending story
lifetime moments
lifetime moments
like cat and mouse, we are the same
little patriot
live the moment
lonely days of winter
long evenings in my room
lost in moments
love is a mistery
love is evol
love me when I'm gone
lovely ladies
lovin' fun
lucky to be alive
make believe
maybe he's a part of me
maybe it was just a dream
meant to be broken
melted wings
midday dream
midnight duet
my family of friends
my imagination only
my immortal
my inner garden whispers
my life, my story
never coming back
new soul
no candy for you
no idea where she belongs
no one can hear him scream
no one listens
no wisdom here
nobody knows
once born wild…
one story's not enough
open your eyes
opened door to your dreams
our hearts are locked forever
part of the music
people never change
people under the great sky
phantom dancer
picking up the pieces
promises in the moonlight
pulling the trigger
punk rock life
put your future in good hands. Your own hands
remember our heroes
reversed ballet
right me when I'm wrong
road to success
rock n roll for the deaf people
running from it all
safe in your arms
seeking forrest silence
she lately started to blossom
she tasted those salty tears
she wants to go home, nobody's home
she's living fairytales
she's never afraid
should  i follow you?
silent ghosts
sing me a summer song
sleepy Sunday
small town changer
snow angel
so far from home
sometimes I wonder
sooner or later
spin me around
step by step
stop this monster
stranger in the sunlight
stuck on you
summer afternoon
summer wind
sunshine in the rain
surprising myself
swallowed by pain
sweet days of paradise
sweet days of summer
sweet passion
sweet surrender
sweet taste
swept away by nature's melody
take my hand tonight
tea anyone?
tear of a goddess
tell me I'm not forbidden for your heart
tell me when we draw the line
that's the way it is
the afterlife
the artist and his magic wand
the city sleeps
the commitment
the gates are now open
the hole in my heart
the light that I can't find
the moon in on her side tonight
the most wonderful time of the year
the new life I have found
the night has just begun
the night is coming
the night is her veil
the one with the art
the path I've chosen
the perfect day for a kiss
the perfect place for nightmares
the roots of our love
the rules of a perfect friendship
the song of freedom
the storm bringer
the tale of a shadow
the young man's heart
there was no harmony there
there's no place to go
there's nothing to be found
there's one memory of us
they're pointing their fingers of blame
this better have a happy-end
this can't be the end
this can't be true
this is freedom
this isn't right
those lazy days of summer
those simple things in life
those traffic lights
through the eyes of  a [child, mother, friend etc.]
through the years
ticket to heaven
time equals money
too cute to handle
traped in wonderland
trash to treasure
trasures memories
twisted truth
two of a kind
undo my thoughts
unfinished story
unnatural beauty
unsolved mysteries
vanilla flavoured sorrow
wait for the rainy days
waiting for some love
walkin' on sunshine
wasting our time
we are one
we belong among  flowers
we belong together
we can tell what's wrong
we should stay here
we've got rhythm
what have I become?
what i don't know is "why"
what they want you to see
what they want you to see
what's inside
when heaven meets hell
when I fall, I fly
when love is forbidden
when love wears a red dress
when the world burns down
whenever you're ready
where is the love?
whispers in the dark
whoever bring the light
whoever brings the sun
why did you have to go?
why would you run?
will work for cookies
with a touch of style
wonderful lies
world on my back
you act like a fool to me
you can't protect her
you deserve much better than me
you don't need to bother
you heard too many words
you know you can't run away
you know, it's healthy to laugh
you never feel forgiving
you take my breath away
you will find me
you're my favorite
you're only as old as you feel
you've become somebody else



Hope this helps. <3
:bulletyellow: This is a list of titles you can use for your art.

:bulletpink: YES! (it's freeeeeeeee!) You are allowed to use any of these super cool titles. You can use them on photos, journal entries, 365 days photo project, whatever you want.
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kumarburra Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
so helpful for my works...
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That's sooo cool!! So creative!!
Do I have to credit you??
xChristina27x Featured By Owner May 18, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
That would be nice! <3
KitanaxCroft97 Featured By Owner May 18, 2013
Oh ok then
PuffyMarshmellows160 Featured By Owner May 4, 2013  Student General Artist
wow these are cool that actualy inspire me to draw some of the titles:D
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You're welcome <3
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whoa thats a lot :P
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HeartANGELfied Featured By Owner May 4, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
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Hm, about 50%.
The other half is from songs. :P
HeartANGELfied Featured By Owner May 4, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
wow interesting ;) how many are there altogether? ;P
xChristina27x Featured By Owner May 4, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
365 :D
HeartANGELfied Featured By Owner May 4, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
wow i should've done this for my 365 day project ;P maybe i will :D
xChristina27x Featured By Owner May 4, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
the 365 day project has been really exhausting for me :(
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